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    Discussion thread for Winter 2019's Boogiepop & Others (Boogiepop wa Warawanai), made by Madhouse. Natsume Shingo (ACCA 13, One Punch Man) is directing this adaptation of the famous light novel series, pairing up with Suzuki Tomohiro again as scriptwriter and series composer. Hachida Yousuke is assistant director. Shino Masanori (ALL OUT!!, Digimon Adventure tri.) and Tsuchiya Keiichi (Shounen Hollywood, DRIFTERS, final two episodes of Akiba's Trip The Animation) are the two animation directors.

    Yuuki Aoi as Boogiepop
    Oonishi Saori as Kirima Nagi
    Kondou Reina as Suema Kazuko
    (You can see the rest at

    Any discussion of spoiler content past episode 1 should be masked with the spoiler tag; the same applies to any discussion of outside work as well as other iterations of this very show (source light novel included).


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