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    First of all, the main rules that concern our community as a whole are outlined there; new members are required to read it. Here we'll outline the few rules that are specific to the forums.
    1. Creating an account and using the forum
      • First of all, please register over at After you've done this, you'll need to confirm your account; then you can edit it, and please do introduce yourself to start with, over at! It'll help everyone get to know you, and make interaction more comfortable. Note that holding several accounts, or making an account that impersonates someone else will result in an instant ban. If you at any point need to change accounts, contact a moderator.
      • At first, you'll be in the "In Training" category, which may limit your options somewhat--we don't allow all-new members to start threads, for instance. But worry not; if you participate regularly, you'll quickly become an Android and will become able to do all sorts of new things: including using our media gallery to share anime screenshots, memes, and all your other cool media!
    2. Participating in discussion
      • Use the spoiler tag. This is the only form in which spoilers are tolerated. It's [spoiler](your text)[/spoiler], but make sure you write before the tag what the spoiler is going to be about so people know whether they can click or not. Example: Spoilers for Angel Beats! 12 [spoiler](your text)[/spoiler]
      • Double posting is forbidden. If you happen to forget something you really need to say, edit your post. On top of this, make sure your reply is relevant to the ongoing discussion; don't go on tangents, your post will be deleted. If the point you want to make has no thread for it, consider making a new one entirely. Of course, spamming is even worse.
      • Limit your promotional posts outside of the assigned forum! Excessive self-promotion outside of that will eventually be punished.
      • We don't accept wild speculation and gossiping. Any thread speculating on, say, upcoming media has to limit itself to reporting sourced information, and expanding on such. Allowed: "this person has been announced on director, based on what they have previously worked on, I expect (what you expect)". Forbidden: "this anime has this much budget!"
      • NSFW content is only allowed in the dedicated thread, where nudes are allowed but not full-blown pornography. It can also be accepted in the visual novel section if needed to illustrate a point, where it should be hidden behind a spoiler tag.
      • When responding, make sure to respond to the correct thread, and if you're responding to a specific message, make sure to quote it! Please do not "submessage" anyone, that tends to poison the atmosphere.
    3. Creating threads
      • Search before making a thread; a new one which repeats the subject of an already existing one will be deleted, any reply in it transferred to the older thread. Additionally, make sure your thread's in the right category.
      • In the same vein, please consider the value of your thread before making it. We encourage you to make threads about even the most obscure doujin games or fanzines if you want, because we want everyone to be free to talk about what they like; but on the other hand, you don't want to start a thread based on speculation about, say, something an obscure twitter account said about KyoAni.
      • Finally, a word on the division of threads. Given this is a general subculture forum and we can't have categories and subcategories for everything, threads should be kept broad enough. Visual novels are a good example of this difficulty: please do not make separate threads for separate visual novel routes! e.g. there should be one and only one thread for Kanon. Similarly for light novels, threads should be about the whole series; this is why the spoiler tag is so fundamental.
      • After all that's been checked, you're ready to make the thread! To write yours, please check the others, especially those made by mods--they provide the usual Vox Artes template! To put it plainly, here's what we encourage you to include:
        • A brief presentation of the topic;
        • If it's a work, a list of important staff members;
        • A picture illustrative of the topic;
        • And finally, if it's a piece of media, you must include a warning that goes something like: "spoilers for [episode 1/beginning of (work's name)] are allowed, but anything beyond should be hidden behind a spoiler tag"
      • Please make sure all of it is presented in a clean, spacey way: you don't want to scare off potential participants with a hefty block of text from the start.
    4. Moderation
      • Please report any post you see as going against the community rules!

    If you can abide by these rules (it's not as complicated as the number of bullets may make it look), we give you a warm welcome to our community! Don't forget that at the end of the day, the most important is to have fun--we encourage you to do what your heart tells you! Finally, here's the people to contact if you ever encounter any problem: @daysofsummer, @Arcturtus and @Karin.

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