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    First of all, the main rules that concern our community as a whole are outlined there, so any new members would do well to read that page beforehand. Here we'll outline the few rules that are specific to the forums.
    • Avoid text language. While FYIs and LOLs are tolerated in the comments and the chat room, the forums exist for the sake of articulate discussion - the language used needs to follow up, and as such, a minimum is asked of the members.
    • Use the spoiler tag. This is the only form in which spoilers are tolerated. Using [spoiler](your text)[/spoiler], you can go into spoiler territory without ruining anyone's experience, so make sure to use that whenever you write content that can be even the slightest bit spoiler-y.
    • Double posting is forbidden. If you happen to forget something you really need to say, edit your post, don't make a new one. Another important thing to keep in mind when posting is that your reply is relevant to the ongoing discussion. If you're going off a tangent then control yourself, and if the point you want to make has no thread for it, consider making a new one entirely.
    • Search before making a thread. This one should be self-explanatory: don't create a new thread only to realize minutes later that one on the exact same subject already exists. You don't want people thinking you're an airhead, now do you? Oh, and by the way, make sure your thread's in the right category.
    • Limit your promotional posts. Self-promotion is only allowed to people with the "regular" status, and should never represent more than one in 15 posts.
    • Finally, no NSFW content is allowed. These forums do not have a dedicated section, and at the moment there is no plan to create one. Therefore, you can refer to the general rules linked above to see what punishment may await you in case you happen to break this rule. Questionable content is allowed if it helps you illustrate a point (this forum is not an image dump!): for instance, if a visual novel has an alluring CG that shows something you can't show otherwise.
    That's all from me! I hope you have fun in your time here!

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