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    Thread to discuss Winter 2019 anime Revisions by Shirogumi. Directing it is Gorou Taniguchi (previously directed Code Geass & R2, s.CRY.ed, & Planetes), with Ayana Yuniko in charge of series composition (previously worked on Berserk, Psycho-Pass S1 & Movie, & Gakkougurashi!).

    Summary: Daisuke Dōjima is a second-year high school student and, along with his friends Gai, Lū, Marimari, and Keisaku, get wrapped up in the mysterious phenomenon known as the "Shibuya Drift." The central area of Shibuya rises up and is transported at least 300 years into the "future." What awaits them is a vast wasteland and forest dotted with ruins. There, they will work with the future people to operate giant mechanical monsters. Daisuke meets a girl named Melos. Melos informs Daisuke that he's the only one who can operate the "doll weapon String Puppet" and protect Shibuya. Daisuke and his friends must take back the present by fighting the future in a town of isolation, against an unknown enemy. (Via ANN)


    • Koki Uchiyama as Daisuke Dojima
    • Mikako Komatsu as "Milo" (Melos?)
    • Soma Saito as Keisuke Asano
    • Nobunaga Shimazaki as Chang Gai Steiner
    • Rie Takahashi as Chang Lu Steiner
    Past the first episode, please hide episode-specific and story details under the spoiler tag.


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