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Discussion in 'Anime movies' started by daysofsummer, Jan 15, 2017.

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    Discussion for Makoto Shinkai's 2016 movie Kimi no Na wa., also called Your Name.

    The film's been no less than a phenomenon (becoming the fourth highest-grossing film in the history of Japanese theaters, the most successful Japanese movie in Chinese cinemas, and even garnering Academy Awards buzz), but what did you think about it? Share your love, hatred or even indifference to this movie here! Spoil it to your heart's content, but don't forget the [spoiler][/spoiler] tag to reference any other work!
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    Having to wait for a BD release to finally watch this movie def payed off. It's easily the most beautifully animated and visually stunning experience in anime movies, the amount of detail and care that every scene, background and sequence has is arguably the best in the whole industry to date. While the plot is not amusing, the execution is what matters when it comes to Shinkai films and this one is pretty much the best proof of that. Your name is an extremely fun film to watch that can be funny at times as well as drama/fantasy driven when it wants to. The music was on point with many outstanding tracks and great synergy with the visuals, specially the amazing Zenzenzense, Sparkle and nandemonaiya tracks. It's hard to say bad things about this movie as it had everything it needed in just the enough amount, nothing more and nothing less; although personally the scripted dialogues were a bit on the short end, they work well. I'm definetely more into Shinkai's previous conclusions on his movies, but having a potential happy ending is fine too every now and then.

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